Sunday, September 5, 2010

Seeing the world through raspberry colored glasses

Yesterday Mr. JP and I went out to our favorite pick-your-own orchard.  We spent a sunny morning in the raspberry fields filling up our two little quart containers, which I found out after about 10 minutes was not nearly enough to satisfy my industrial-picking-mode mindset!  Mr. JP just leisurely strolled along the rows picking only the very best berries, with careful consideration on each one that would make it to his basket, while I worked quickly down the rows picking everything that resembled ripe and not already nibbled on.  That just demonstrates our two very different personalities.  We will be eating his berries for anything requiring fresh, and mine will be perfect for making jam.  Don't tell Mr. JP, but I'm going to need a few of his perfect berries for the jam, too!

We went there for peaches and apples, but I didn't read the website carefully enough...they don't even have peach trees, and the apples will be ready for the first picking next weekend.  Oh well, looks like we'll have to make another trip!  They have fresh milk and cream from a local dairy where the cows are grass fed.  The milk tastes so fresh, smooth, and light, and it comes in glass bottles...swoon!

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