Thursday, August 26, 2010

Resurrected Brown Rice

Considering that I haven't been feeling well today, I thought I would post an old note from my Facebook archives with a recipe for brown rice pudding.  I've become better at making rice, but I still rely much too heavily on my rice cooker if I want a nice batch of fluffy rice with separate grains.

September 16, 2009
So...I've never been able to make a decent pot of rice, and last weekend was no exception. I followed the directions on the bag, and still, at 45 minutes I had hard nuggets in water, and 20 minutes after that I had glue. Well, if you can make lemonade with lemons, you can do something with a horrid pot of inedible brown rice, right? RIGHT! Not much goes to waste in this house.

Resurrected Brown Rice Pudding:
Cooked brown rice (or overcooked...whatever!)
1 can of light coconut milk (or evaporated milk if you wish)
2 over-ripe bananas, mashed
Splash of vanilla

I just heated everything up until it was thick, bubbly, and the raisins were nice and plump. There was no need to add any additional sugar. The bananas and raisins gave it the perfect amount of sweetness.

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