Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring has Sprung!

This is what was poking through the ground a few weeks ago when I made my first trip to the flower bed with a load of compost.  Since then I have gotten a fever for growing, and am in severe denial that the USDA Hardiness Zone Map says I am in zone 6.  We must be in at least zone 7, because...well...I want to be!

Seedlings of tomatoes, peppers, basil, leeks, herbs, flowers, onions, and what-nots are incubating in my "lab" in the basement under my newly constructed shop light system.  Pictures to come, but the babes say they are not ready for their formal debut.  I took a peek today, and the tomatoes are already starting to get tiny sprouts of their true leaves!  It must be that extra special love I've been giving them by spraying them with rain water. 
Daffodils and Heuchera
In the garden, I saw my first two pea sprouts this morning, and the radishes all popped out of the ground at once after last night's beautiful rain.  The turnips are coming up under the greenhouse plastic that I've stretched over their raised bed, and lettuce is coming up, too, from the seeds I scattered last Fall, when I was wondering what would happen if I just put a few seeds out in late October...

Happiness.  Until the birds get the freshly sprouted seeds (please God, no!).

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