Friday, February 25, 2011

Time for transformation

Like most gardeners, I have been dreaming of spring throughout this long winter, longing for the fresh fruit and veggies of those warm and sunny days that seem so far out of reach this time of year.  However, when the winter blues have you down and the freshest produce from the grocery store can't hold a candle to wilted lettuce from your garden, there's nothing like the comfort of eating bag after bag of Cadbury mini-eggs.  These candies must be consumed rapidly and often due to their seasonality...yes, I just wrote that I have been gorging on chocolate.  And I feel awful, both mentally and physically.  I have been hunkering down eating sweets like I'll never have another chance again.  What I know is that I've been filling myself with garbage, so it is no surprise that I am cranky, irritable, suffering from migraines, and generally miserable.  Hours spent in front of the computer playing Farmville have led to sedentary ailments like stiffness and weight gain.  I've beaten myself up over this too many times to count, and still I find that I'm lacking motivation. 

For someone that has no problem hauling load after load of compost, spending hours weeding, shoveling, planting, mending and maintaining the yard and garden, I would think that simply engaging in an hour long walk wouldn't be that hard to muster, but I find no purpose in putting one foot in front of the other unless they are on their way to the garden shed!

That being said, this weekend is supposed to be in the high 40's and low 50's.  One of the first beautiful weekends that make Spring feel like it is really on its way, and not just a hallucination induced by pounds of sugar and fat.  Today, I will pull on those old work clothes (hoping that they still fit) and trudge out into the soggy yard to grab the wheelbarrow and the shovel.  I have some compost left over from the fall that I will haul up the hill to the front yard and mulch into my flower bed, which already is showing signs of brave daffodils and hardy Heuchera. 

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