Monday, January 9, 2012

Seed List 2012

Several things worked well in the garden last season, so I will continue with a few of my tried and true varieties, but part of the fun and joy of gardening is the experimentation with new plants and varieties.  Here is my seed list for 2012.  Most of my seeds have already been ordered through Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, my favorite source of open pollinated and heirloom varieties that thrive in the heat and humidity of summers in the Mid-Atlantic.  I love the idea of heirloom veggies, but I've had some trouble with disease, so this year I am going to incorporate a few hybrids that worked for me two years ago.  I found a seed viability chart on one of the blogs I follow which has been so helpful in helping me decide if I need new seeds this year.

Items marked with a * have been proven performers for me
*Provider Snap Bean (bush)
*Chinese Red Noodle Asparagus Bean
Henderson Lima Bean (bush)
*Eva Purple Ball tomato (indeterminate)
Marglobe VF (Marglobe Improved) tomato (determinate)
Roma VF, Virginia Select tomato (determinate)
*Green Arrow Shelling Pea (Dwarf, English)
Cascadia Snap Pea (Dwarf)
Oregon Giant Snow Pea (Dwarf)
Waltham Butternut Squash
Catskill (Long Island Improved) Brussels Sprouts
Sorrento Broccoli Raab
Cylindra Beet (trying this year based on my Dad's recommendation)
*Clemson Spineless Okra
Scarlet Nantes carrots (free seeds!)
*Speckled Bibb Lettuce
*Yugoslavian Red Butterhead Lettuce
*Oakleaf Lettuce (looseleaf)
*Deer Tongue Matchless lettuce (looseleaf)
Tom Thumb Bibb Lettuce
*Rainbow Swiss Chard
*Sweeter Yet Hybrid slicing cucumber
Bush Pickle pickling cucumber (baby)
Cherry Bomb Hybrid cherry pepper (medium hot)
Long hot red chili pepper (variety unknown, we've been saving seed from a free plant for several years)
Eggplant (long thin purple, variety unknown)
Moon and Stars, Long Milky Way watermelon
Pike muskmelon
Radishes: French breakfast, Cherry Belle

French Marigold, Tashkent #1
*Nasturtium, Jewel Mixed Colors
Sunspot Sunflower (dwarf)
*Bread Seed Poppy
*Sweet Pea, Old Spice Mix
Carnations, a variety that my Grandmother had in her garden--it smells like cloves
Moss Roses

The salad table will be used for all the lettuce (not the chard).  The peas and radishes go in as soon as the ground is thawed and are usually done before the other veggies go in the ground.  I also won a handy deep planter that sits up on a stand from a Seed Chat (#seedchat) on Twitter.  I think I might use it for the peppers this year.  With intensive square foot gardening, this should be no problem this year.  I am actually cutting back, if you can believe it!

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